GS Series

I n recent years, clients have increasingly higher demand on precision, speed, and efficiency. Traditional woodworking machinery which uses a rotary servo motor with ball screw for planar moving processing is no longer reach their demand. For this reason, Anderson has devoted to the research of higher transmission system, linear motors, to provide linear motors with the best priceperformance ratio for various woodworking machinery.

Linear motor technology, which developed by Anderson, be awarded with innovation technology in IWF 2016. It carried with CNC router and is featuring high travel speed alone with X and Y-axis and precise gearing and positioning, which replaced the traditional motor and reached new standard of machinery high speed and accuracy.

The gantry moving speed of GS machine that couples with linea motor can reach 120 meters/min; the cutting speed of direct line can reach 60 meters/min. The overall high-speed movement is more agile and powerful, in comparsion to ball screws or racks. With faster moving speed of machine and the function of software fast drilling, the overall processing time of machine is reduced. It allows customers have more production in the same working time.

Model GS - 710
X Axis 3,390 mm
Y Axis 2,585 mm
Z Axis 200 mm
Table size 3,100 x 2,200 mm
Vaccum area 1
Max. feed speed
X Axis 120 m / min
Y Axis 380 V / 29 kW 120 m / min
No. 1 ATC Head
Z Axis 30 m / min
Speed 1,000 - 24,000 rpm
Spindel HSK - 63F
Power 11 kW
No. 2 Multi-Drill - 10 x 7
Drill rotation speed 4,800 rpm
Shank of drill ø 10 mm
Power 2.2 kW
Shank of router bit Max. ø 25 mm
Number of tools 8 - 20
Power 50 A / 415 V / 30 kW
Air pressure
HOS: 3 / 4 ” 6 kg / cm²
Consumption 450 L / min
NC Controller SYNTEC
Floor area 14,000 x 6,500 mm
Height 2,450 mm
Weight 12,500 kg